Alicante City, Spain - Information


Alicante is one of the major cities in the Costa Blanca, and tourism is the main reason for the economy boom since the nineteen sixties, due to the attractive beaches along the coast. Alicante is a coastal city on the Costa Blanca. It is a very beautiful city where most tourists opt to stay at for the rest of the summer. But aside from the gorgeous beaches, there is a whole lot more to see and do in Alicante. Exploring the place’s historical aspect is guaranteed to be a very fulfilling activity as well. If your next trip takes you right here, be sure to also include in your itinerary the most popular Alicante landmarks such as the Castle of Sta Barbara, St. Mary’s Church, St. Nicholas Bari Cathedral, and the Gravina Palace, among others. And if you want to party it out at night, the top clubs you can visit are The Lighthouse, Café Bar Norway, and Los Mejillones.

Alicante is currently regarded as the city with the fastest-growing economy in Spain. Aside from generating a huge income from tourism, the city’s public administrative services also play a very crucial role in the city’s economic boom. The population of Alicante is a little over a million. The metropolitan area is where more than two thirds of the city’s residents reside, 15% of which are immigrants from neighboring nations. Aside from swimming and water activities, the tourists to Alicante are cordially invited to witness Spain’s most favorite sport, which is bullfighting.Some museums are even dedicated to this particular sport. If you are quite interested, you can visit the Bullfighting Museum and the Plaza de Toros Museum as well. From bullfighting, tourists may easily shift to other activities such as kite sand boarding, paintball shooting, a water park adventure, horseback riding, scuba diving, safari, and dinghy sailing. All of these prove that there is never a dull moment in Alicante – and that’s regardless what time of the year you decide to come. Speaking of seasons, the weather in Alicante is simply described as mild winters and hot summers. Rainfall is not very frequent here, thanks to the northern mountains and hills that protects the city and keeps its climate almost constant.

To get to this Spanish city, simply use Alicante Airport . It is the easiest entry point to the region, as it is serviced by several airlines flying from different points in Europe, South America, and the United States. However, if you’re coming from another Spanish city like Barcelona or Madrid, it’s more advisable to take the train. Consequently, there are trams, buses, and boats that can take you to this city as well. For those who came to Alicante just to enjoy the beaches, the best one to visit is the Postiguet Beach. As for the others who want to experience an authentic Spanish festival, time your visit with Las Hogueras de San Juan. It’s when a parade of enormous monuments will be held, with the festivities ending at the beach.