Alicante Airport

Enjoy your flight to and from the Alicante Airport armed with these information. This airport is most willing to serve you and provide you with a travel experience that is worthy to be noted. Fly to Alicante now and visit wonderful Spain. Alicante Airport serves the Murcia Region and the entire Community of Valencia in Spain. Currently, it is ranked as the sixth busiest hub in the country. The airport is nine kilometres away from the city centre and handles an average of 10 million passengers annually. People Carrier Hire and Minibus Rentals are available at the airport, from a number of suppliers.

Built in 1967, this airport is composed of three terminals. However, only the new terminal is currently in operation. When that one was opened, the other two were closed down. The passengers that fly through this airport mostly come from the UK, more particularly the cities of London, Manchester, and Liverpool. There are a lot of passengers who came from Oslo in Norway.

There are two types of ground transports available from the airport, the buses and the taxis. However, proposals for building a train and a tram system are currently being reviewed. The buses can take passengers as far off as El Altet. Take this transport mode if you’re headed for Puerta del Mar. It is just a 30 minute drive from there. It can also take you to the Train-Tram system located in the city centre for more destinations. The taxis of course, can take you wherever you want to go

Parking areas, car rental, stores, duty free shops, restaurants, cafeterias, and VIP lounges are easily accessible from the airport as well. Additionally, there are also meeting rooms and internet access terminals available. Even a photo booth is accessible from within the terminal, if ever you need your photo taken for car rental application purposes. Alicante may not be the world’s finest airport, but it definitely knows how to make each passenger comfortable. The airport is maintained and operated by Aena. Currently, it offers  both local and international flights. For local travel, the most popular destinations are Madrid, Barcelona, and Palma de Mallorca. Cargo planes also land frequently here. This airport also serves as the base for carriers such as Ryanair, Easy Jet, and Air Berlin.

Shopping is also a luxury offered at the Alicante Airport. There is a duty free shop within the premises, as well as stores where you can buy medicines, tobacco, fashion and accessories, gifts and souvenirs, magazines, and leisure items. For food, cafeterias and fast food chains are easily accessible. Your choices include Burger King, Canas y Tapas, and Farggi, among others.