Alicante, Spain

Alicante is a well-known Mediterranean port city that is located in the southern region of Valencia in Spain. It is distinctively positioned between mountains and the sea, making it a commercial town as well as a popular tourist destination in Spain. Alicante is also the headquarters of the province of Alicante. It is recognized as the second largest city in Valencia. Many visitors to Spain use Alicante Airport as their flight destination for their holiday, and car rental.

Today, the economy of Alicante is mostly on focused on tourism, export, wine production and the service industry. When it comes to tourism, Alicante offers a number of stunning beaches and its heritage cannot be matched in Europe. The major attractions within and outside the city include the City Hall Building, Castillo de Santa Barbara, Paseo de la Explanada, Museo Municipal Casa de la Asegurada, Concatedral de San Nicolas de Bari, Palacio Gravina as well as the beaches such as La Albufereta, La Playa de San Juan and Los Judios. These are just some of the tourist attractions that you can visit in Alicante. Two festivals worth attending in the city are the bonfires of Saint John and Moros y Cristianos. With the number of attractions that are worth visiting, it is best to make an itinerary so that there is no spot that will be missed out during your stay. The Alicante airport is connected to all parts of Spain and other destinations in Europe. There is also a bus station and a central train station that provides daily connections to Valencia, Madrid, Seville and Barcelona.

There are several features of Alicante that makes it a worthwhile city to visit or even call home. Primarily, the climate is an important consideration. The sunshine and mild winter season makes the city the preferred place for many individuals. The lowest temperature can go down to 5 degrees in winter and can go up to 40 degrees during the summer season. If you want the best weather in Alicante, it is during the autumn and spring season. It is the ideal time to spend some time on the beach or enjoy a golf game in Alicante Golf course.

Another aspect that makes Alicante a worthy city to visit is that eating is affordable. You will surely enjoy a wide selection of both Spanish and international dishes. Do not forget to try out the specialty dishes in Alicante for a great eating experience that will make your stay memorable.

Aside from the bonfires of Moros y Cristianos and Saint John, the festivals or fiestas must always be the first in your itinerary during your stay in Alicante. The Hogueras de San Juan is celebrated on June 21, which involves an activity where there is the burning of large paper mache figures. In August, in every residential community, there is a party where neighbors spend an evening together with dancing and drinks.

Whether you are visiting Alicante for a vacation or for a business trip, it is definitely a great place that offers a number of noteworthy tourist spots that you can visit. Your stay in Alicante will be a memorable one that will surely entice you to return in the future.

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