London, England

London is one of the most populous cities of the England, United Kingdom. It is the capital of England and stands on the river Thames. It is the most developed cities of the England that consist of two Counties i.e. County of Greater London and the city of London. It is the most prominent cities due to the rich strengths, including education, entertainment, healthcare, media, research, tourism and a modern transport system.  It is known as the economic hub of the England and among the list largest cities in the world by GDP. The city of London is known as a leading education provider for higher studies to international students. London is believed to have the biggest international airports, according to the traffics of passengers and hosted three major Olympics games in the city. The city is small in area but absorbs a large number of geographically diverse people due to its economic conditions. There are almost 300 languages spoken at the London to make a huge diversity in the city. London has lots of heritage sites that are worth watching for the tourists. Some of the popular sites include The Tower of London, Palace of Westminster, Kew Gardens and St Margaret’s Church.

London has become a second largest immigrant city as per census of 2011. In the 19th century, there was the population growth was really high and ethnic groups living in the city include British, Indians, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Arabs. People following different religions are also living in the city for decades. The city is major contributors to the GDP of the UK. The financial experts in the city make it the most lucrative place for investment that helps to contribute to the GDP of the country. It creates more jobs for the youngsters in the country and people come to this city just for the sake of jobs. There are almost 500 international banks with global branches and have many services industries. The London is the headquarters of top 100 leading companies of the world. It is the technological hub of the country with offices all over the city.Tourism has a major role in the GDP contribution of the country and tourists from different parts of the world visit this place every year. Around 16 million tourists visit London every year to spend their holidays.

London become a centre of attraction for the students for higher studies. Students prefer to take admissions in the universities in London because it offers better facilities and a bundle of job opportunities for the international students seeking admissions. London has world’s top universities to offer quality education to the students. The city of London offers many recreational and sports activities for the visitors. It has eight national parks, including Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Regent Park and a large zoo. The city offers rich sports facilities and holds football championship games in London every year. Cricket and Rugby are two popular sports in the city.



Lands End, Cornwall

There are so many beautiful destinations to visit in the United Kingdom, but naturally best destination for a memorable outing Land’s End is the most favorable place. It is placed in western Cornwall of England. Basically it is more famous for showing the cute relationship of sea and land which keeps on changing every time.

How to reach Land’s End

If you are coming from John o’ Groats, Scotland you will have to cover total distance of 838 miles on road. It is situated at the last westerly place of mainland of Cornwall which is within peninsula and around 8 miles towards southern west of Penzance just at the beginning and ending of A30 road. Land’s End is not that kind of place where you will need to search for the facilities. Everything is available easily and you don’t have to pay for anything additionally. Only for parking the vehicle you have to pay. Visitors enjoy walking to cliff tops to experience the changes occurring in Cornwal seasonally. Enjoy the view of thousand miles spread ocean’s start and end point. To keep this memory green forever you need photographs of yours and co-visitors. So make a souvenir shopping in shopping village of West Country. Then enjoy your food at the high class restaurants and make yourself comfortable in Land’s End Bars.

Though in every season Land’s End stays as beautiful as heaven but during winter the fun of roaming around there is just a unique experience. You can take beautiful amazing landscape photographs yourself or by professional photographers present there. However to visit westernmost parts of Cornwall, you should choose Summer. For your full family outing Land’s End is a perfect destination. It is a naturally blessed environment and allows you to have adventurous and memorable days there. Stylish contemporary cuisines will be served to you in it refurbished restaurants. They offer you the Cornwall’s very real taste in affordable prices.

What Does Land’s End Offer:

Land’s End offers you an infinite range of services related to foods, travels, photography, shopping, hotels etc. Few of them are illustrated briefly as follows:

  • Cornish Pantry: Take full advantage of big self serviced restaurants and help yourself to get mouth watering family favorite food items
  • Shopping Centre’s: There is a range of products to shop from which are exclusively available in Land’s End.
  • Penwith House: Buy lovely gifts for your near ones from Penwith House. They also have cloths, souvenirs, books, dry food items and many more.
  • Craft workers: Cornish craft workers are famous for making various woodcraft, pottery, engraved glass, jewels and leather works too.
  • iPad Users: For iPad users, there is a new app for Land’s End available in free of cost. For digital guidance of destination this app is really cool. Take benefits of this app along with search other ways of sources to plan your excursion to Land’s End well before going to there to enjoy a perfect holiday trip.



Alicante Airport

Enjoy your flight to and from the Alicante Airport armed with these information. This airport is most willing to serve you and provide you with a travel experience that is worthy to be noted. Fly to Alicante now and visit wonderful Spain. Alicante Airport serves the Murcia Region and the entire Community of Valencia in Spain. Currently, it is ranked as the sixth busiest hub in the country. The airport is nine kilometres away from the city centre and handles an average of 10 million passengers annually. People Carrier Hire and Minibus Rentals are available at the airport, from a number of suppliers.

Built in 1967, this airport is composed of three terminals. However, only the new terminal is currently in operation. When that one was opened, the other two were closed down. The passengers that fly through this airport mostly come from the UK, more particularly the cities of London, Manchester, and Liverpool. There are a lot of passengers who came from Oslo in Norway.

There are two types of ground transports available from the airport, the buses and the taxis. However, proposals for building a train and a tram system are currently being reviewed. The buses can take passengers as far off as El Altet. Take this transport mode if you’re headed for Puerta del Mar. It is just a 30 minute drive from there. It can also take you to the Train-Tram system located in the city centre for more destinations. The taxis of course, can take you wherever you want to go

Parking areas, car rental, stores, duty free shops, restaurants, cafeterias, and VIP lounges are easily accessible from the airport as well. Additionally, there are also meeting rooms and internet access terminals available. Even a photo booth is accessible from within the terminal, if ever you need your photo taken for car rental application purposes. Alicante may not be the world’s finest airport, but it definitely knows how to make each passenger comfortable. The airport is maintained and operated by Aena. Currently, it offers  both local and international flights. For local travel, the most popular destinations are Madrid, Barcelona, and Palma de Mallorca. Cargo planes also land frequently here. This airport also serves as the base for carriers such as Ryanair, Easy Jet, and Air Berlin.

Shopping is also a luxury offered at the Alicante Airport. There is a duty free shop within the premises, as well as stores where you can buy medicines, tobacco, fashion and accessories, gifts and souvenirs, magazines, and leisure items. For food, cafeterias and fast food chains are easily accessible. Your choices include Burger King, Canas y Tapas, and Farggi, among others.

Birmingham Airport

Travelling in style should be customary for everybody, even if they are flying on a budget. That is exactly what you’ll experience if you’ve booked a flight to Birmingham in the United Kingdom through the Birmingham Airport. The airport is located roughly six miles (10 Kilometres) away from the city centre. Many carriers use this airport as their base, more particularly Thomas Cook, Ryanair, Flybe, Thomson, and Monarch. Birmingham Airport offers both international and domestic flights, handling around 8 to 9 million passengers annually. This airport ranks as the seventh busiest terminal in the United Kingdom. Considered as a public facility, the airport is owned by the seven metropolitan boroughs of West Midlands such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Dudley, Walsall, Sandwell, and Solihull.

All the facilities of the Birmingham Airport are well maintained, with several of them seeing improvements from time to time. To ensure the safety of your baggage, there are booths and service desks assigned to handle all kinds of baggage issues within the premises. Passengers with special needs, like the physically challenged individuals and the unaccompanied children, are also given adequate support and assistance prior to their flight schedule. The best features of Birmingham Airport would be its facilities. There are religious and cultural structures inside the premises that travellers can go to while waiting for their next flight. There is also a Business Point for traveling executives and a Visitor Centre for tourists. Toilets and changing places are easily accessible from different parts of the terminal as well.

What’s more, there many areas and services that are guaranteed free for all, at Birmingham Airport passengers. For starters, Wi Fi access is now offered throughout the terminal. So there’s no need to pay for access to the Business Point, if all you need to do is send one email. On the other hand, kids can play at the Sky Side while waiting for the next flight. This indoor playground makes traveling exciting for them. Thanks to Sky Side, kids won’t get irritated waiting for their plane, even if it will take hours. As for tourists, they can immediately start their sight seeing trips without leaving the airport premises. Just go straight to the Aircraft Viewing Area before or after your flight. There are different lounges at the Birmingham Airport as well, most of which were maintained by flight carriers. The Aspire Lounge is overseen by Servisair. There’s also the Emirates and Flybe lounges, which can be used by their respective first-class travellers. With all of these waiting for you at the Birmingham Airport in UK, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t book a flight to come here today.

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport Takes You to the Heart of the UK. While London is the most favourite entry point of most travellers to the UK, the country has a few other airports located in several of its major cities. The Manchester Airport is one of them and it can very well take you to the heart of the UK, where it all happens. Try taking this route one time and see what you’re missing.

Manchester Airport used to be called  Ringway Airport. Built in 1938, its name was changed to RAF Ringway until it became the Manchester International Airport as it is known today. This airport is operated by the Manchester Airports Group, which in turn, is owned by the Greater Manchester’s ten councils. This airport is a mere 13.9 kilometres  (8.6 miles) away from the city centre.

There are currently three terminals in this airport, with plans for further expansion. In 2012, the Manchester Airport was able to serve almost 20 million passengers. However, its peak of operations was seen from 2005 to 2006, when its passenger count almost reached 23 million.

The busiest routes headed for Manchester are the ones coming from Dubai, transferring almost 700,00 passengers annually. It is followed by Spain with 674,328 passengers and Amsterdam at 669,681 passengers. When it comes to domestic flights, London Heathrow tops its list with almost 800,000 passengers transferred. It is followed by Belfast, London-Gatwick, and Aberdeen.

The ground transport in and around the airport is always reliable. Railways, buses, coaches, and trams can be used to get in and out of the airport’s premises. For those who would like to catch the train, the Manchester Airport Railway station can be found between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. It primarily connects Manchester to Piccadilly.  As for buses, there are designated stands for each bus provider. It is now even possible to reach almost any city from the Manchester Airport. Just check out the routes available at the bus stand. There are buses that can travel as far as Dublin. On the other hand, the Manchester Metrolink handles the tram transport system.

There are many public attractions near the airport itself, which is one of the reasons why it is ranked as third busiest airport in the UK. The Runway Visitor Park has its own pull among travellers, with a total of 300,000 tourists checking it out annually. This special runway park also has a café, souvenir shops, and real aircrafts on display. For those who want to mingle with the locals and other passengers while waiting for their flights to arrive, could visit the pub called the Airport Hotel located on Ringway Road. It is a beer garden that overlooks Taxiway J. This pub is managed by Robinson’s Brewery.


Heathrow Airport

AirportHeathrow Airport is London’s business airport, and If people ever want to travel to the UK, they would most likely enter through London. And of the four fully functional airports in London, the Heathrow Airport is the one most popular of all. This airport is the most preferred point of entry to London and the UK because of its very convenient location.

This airport, which is located in Hillingdon, is owned and operated by the Heathrow Airport Holdings. It used to be named simply as London Airport until it was rebranded for marketing purposes. The airport sits 22 km away from Central London and hauls more than 70 million passengers annually. The Heathrow Airport is currently the third busiest airport in the world.

The airport is a far cry from how it looks today to what it was before. Built in 1929, the airport now contains five terminals and six runways, compared to being just a tiny airfield before. Now, it accommodates more than 90 international airlines flying to more than 170 destinations around the world.

The Heathrow Airport is the base and hub of two of the most prominent airlines in the UK, such as Virgin Atlantic and the British Airways. The airport’s very first terminal, which is Terminal One, was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II herself. Terminal 2 is currently under construction while Terminals 3 to 5 were working full steam ahead. The airport accommodates passenger planes coming from different cities of the world, with each of them assigned to a certain terminal for landing or unloading purposes. Most of the flights arriving to the Heathrow Airport come from New York’s JFK Airport, with a total count of almost 3 million passengers annually. Dubai, Dublin, and Frankfurt follow suit.  Heathrow Airport handles domestic flights as well. Edinburgh, Glasgow International, and Manchester are the top three local flights that use the airport facility.

The Heathrow Airport is an easy access to and from the different points in London. And the public transport around here is very reliable. Passengers can take trains, buses, coaches, or taxis to get in and out of the premises. For inter terminal transfers, public transports can be used. Car hire facilities are available as well. If opting for a train ride, the Heathrow Express, Heathrow Connect London Underground, and South West Trains are a passenger’s most common options. For buses and coaches, you can call the following providers for more information on routes and schedules: National Express, Oxford, Victoria, RailAir, and HotelHoppa.

There are current plans for the further expansion of the Heathrow Airport as well, aside from the current Terminal 2 construction. Parts of the plan are to build the Heathrow railway hub, an airtrack, and the full construction of the Heathrow-Gatwick Rail Link.


Driving In Scotland

Scotland boasts diverse scenery even though it is a small country and the best way to explore it is by driving. It is a good idea to look for reputable car rentals in order to make driving in Scotland an adventure that is truly worth it. The best part is that you do not have to worry about costly fuel costs that will limit your vacation in Scotland. For a different vacation away from the hectic life in the city, driving in Scotland is a different vacation that will surely make you come back for more in the future.
If you are interested in catching a glimpse on the picturesque glens and hills of Scotland or the scenic Edinburgh, driving in Scotland using a car will guarantee that you will see  all the best tourist attractions. For car rental Car Hire Edinburgh Airport has an excellent choice of vehicles. If you intend to drive all the way to Glasgow, you have the opportunity to spend a few days enjoying the city life in the second biggest city in the country. Do not forget to savor the nightlife as well as the elegant dining before preparing your car for the drive to the north.
While driving in Scotland, make sure to include in your itinerary the Loch Ness. The lake is believed to house a prehistoric creature that continues to live there based on the sightings claimed by the locals. You can take a break from your driving and explore the loch by heading to the everyday boat trips which conclude at the Urquhart Castle, which is a historical beauty that reveals a lot about the past of the area. As you will drive further north, you can drop by at John O’Groats, which is a well-known northerly mainland spot. If you are eager to continue upwards, there are ferries that can accommodate cars on a daily basis to the Orkney Islands.
Once you will start your journey home, simply head west to enjoy some of the picturesque mountain sceneries in the world which will surely make driving in Scotland truly memorable. Take note that Scotland is well-known for its dynamic landscapes and jagged mountains while the west coast is the perfect spot to view them. You can even drop by at Fort William, which is a coastal town if you want to trek Ben Nevis, a Scottish mountain in the area.

You can now return back east in the direction of Edinburgh, which is known as the cheerful capital of Scotland. It is also the home of the Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, Princes Street and scenic hills that are worth seeing. Your drive throughout Edinburgh can provide you with all the sights that will surely make your vacation a great one.
Driving in Scotland is definitely the best choice in order to truly capture the beauty of the country. Of course, it is a different vacation that you will cherish for years to come. Just make sure that you will look for a reputable car rental provider so that your stay in Scotland is free from hassles as well as enjoying everything the country has to offer.

Car Hire UK

Car Hire UK will search and compare many leading worldwide  vehicle rental suppliers, to find the best packages. The three step booking form is user friendly  with a large choice of vehicles to choose from. We provide car rental from United Kingdom but also have thousands of locations throughout the world. Our web site provides an easy way to book your  car rental swiftly, with fast confirmation for  last minute car hire bookings. Car Hire UK uses  leading uk and worlwide car rental suppliers, who have a reliable and proven record, such as Holiday Auto

As one of the oldest and historical cities in the world, London is a great place to visit. Depending on your purpose for visiting London, for its history, art, culture, festivals, architecture or even the nightlife, London can offer everything that you can possibly imagine. In order to make your stay in London a hassle-free one while visiting different places and tourist spots, you should consider one of the car hire UK. Hiring a car hire UK can provide you with the freedom to easily explore the city at your own pace. In addition, a competitive car hire UK service can give you the freedom to create your schedule.

At the present, there are different car hire UK services available to choose from. For added convenience and flexibility, you can book ahead of time so that once you arrive at the airport; you will enjoy fast and hassle-free transportation to any location that you want in London. When selecting car hire UK, there are certain things that you should look for in the service that you will opt for.

Initially, you have to take time to read the fine print on what is expected of you as a driver as well as the operator of the vehicle you will choose. Even though you have rented several vehicles in your own country, it is always best to double check the requirements since you are staying in a different country. Most of the United Kingdom rules and regulations are quite similar with any country, nevertheless there might be one or two points that might require further explanation. Just make sure that you will read the agreement before signing up for anything so that you will not end up with unexpected surprises.

Second, it is best to get the best deal possible when looking for a car hire UK provider in London. Similar with other countries, there are several car hire services to choose from in London, thus you might have a difficult time choosing one due to the competition. Car Hire London is certainly one of the best vehicle rental online service, with a large choice of vehicles from many leading suppliers.  It is best to use this to your advantage and figure out which one offers the best rates. Just bear in mind that they provide complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport or even a shuttle service that is readily available at a minimal rate that makes the car rental rate quite attractive.

Lastly, you should inquire about the support services that you might require throughout your stay in London. It is best to inquire if the car hire UK provider you will choose provides roadside assistance, the kinds of situations that are considered to be appropriate reasons to call for roadside assistance, getting maps or GPS services with the car rental, vehicle replacement in case of engine problems and many more. By understanding what is offered and what is not with the car hire UK service is a consideration when selecting the ideal car hire services. Getting low rates might be great, but if it does not come along with customer support or other additional services, it is better to opt for those with higher rates that offer great packages.