Truro, Cornwall

Truro has been an essential center when it comes to Cornish administration and culture. With it’s past as a centre in which testing and stamping of locally mined copper and tin is carried out and eventually becoming a port city and a great society back in the 18th and 19th century, Truro is considered as one of the highpoints in Cornwall. It is a noteworthy place that can offer something to everybody from retired individuals, families, food and drink lovers as well as the history enthusiasts.

As the only city in Cornwall, Truro is the Southernmost city in Britain, that is positioned directly in the heart of western Cornwall close to the southwest coast of Britain. On geographical basis, Truro is positioned alongside gardens and reserves. Truro is also the center that offers schools that specializes on Cornish. Visitors can hear the Welsh-related language during their stay. There are also several attracttruroions that are worth visiting. One is the Cathedral that was completed way back in 1910. It was designed by John Loughborough Pearson with a gothic-revival style that stands 76 meters and was completed for 30 years.

Truro also boasts some of the finest samples of the Victorian and Georgian architecture. The Royal Cornwall Museum can provide visitors with a variety of displays that showcases the Cornish history. Due to the rich culture of Cornwall, it is considered as an interesting place for individuals who love to explore history and culture. Additionally, there are several geology, art and archaeology displays. The Lemon Street and Walsingham Place are lined with beautiful buildings.

For those who love food, Truro is the ideal spot for cafes and bistros. One of the fine establishments for gourmets that serve a menu with international dishes is the Tabb’s Restaurant. The night life in Truro is also great due to the wide selection of clubs and bars. The Hall for Cornwall is considered as a foremost performing venue for the arts in the area. Those who love beer can visit the Skinner’s Brewery that garnered several awards throughout the years.

In the Pannier Market, there is a wide variety of stalls and shops to visit. It is basically indoors and readily open all year. When it comes to activities, there are many to choose from in Truro every season. During the summer season, you can find the locals building floral displays around the town in celebration of the Britain in Bloom competition. The preparations for the event start in April and continue until the time of the carnival. The Truro City Carnival can cater to the needs of everybody. There are art displays, music performances, food and drinks, fireworks and activities for the children. The carnival is open every year during the weekends on September.

Truro can be easily accessed by the railways or by driving, thus visiting the place is not a difficult journey. Overall, Truro is considered as the ideal holiday destination that will surely provide great memories. Depending on your interests, whether the arts, history, food and drinks, or even the nightlife, the city can cater to all your needs.


Falmouth, Cornwall

Falmouth is basically a town that descended from Pendennis Castle, which was constructed back in the 16th century when King Henry VIII decided to use the maritime resources in the area. The town was built across the Fal River starting from St. Mawes Castle that eventually became a defense point against the Spanish and French invaders. Starting that point, Falmouth developed into a significant port town as well as a popular tourist destination. It became the ideal spot that is well-known for its beaches, cuisine, scenic port and rich history.

The town also boasts that third deepest natural harbor in the world. As a result, the maritime trade greatly developed throughout the years. Way back since 1851, the Falmouth Packet Service was responsible for delivering mail to different corners of the British Empire. From that time and later on, there are many navy vessels docked in Falmouth. Even today, there is increasing shipping activity along with tour boats that heads out as far as Truro, which is the biggest city in Cornwall.

Even though accessible by water, majority of visitors visit Falmouth either by rail or road. It is basically an easy drive since the A36 ends in Falmouth after starting in Bath, Somerset. Falmouth is also considered the base to three rail stations – Penmere Railway Station, Falmouth Docks Railway and Falmouth Town Railway Station. Take note that the Maritime Line from Truro can serve the three stations, thus providing visitors with a short walking distance from the popular attractions in the town. The Penmere Station is the ideal option for those who want to stroll to the peak of the Moor. Pendennis Castle and Gyllyngvase Beach are found close to the Falmouth Docks station. Additionally, the Falmouth Town Station is the best option since it is close to the town center, waterfront and the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

During the 19th century, Falmouth was regarded as a popular tourist spot not only for the maritime activities, but also for the scenic beaches. May is the ideal time of the year to visit the beaches in the town since there visitors are only limited, especially if you want to avoid the crowd. The only drawback is that the water might still be quite chilly. Of course, summer is the best time to visit the beaches, just be prepared to enjoy the beach along with the crowd.

The town also boasts several great restaurants. As a seaside town, there are many culinary treats for those want to try out the seafood. A good example of quality cuisine in Falmouth is Gurkha which serves Nepalese food. If you want to enjoy a glass of wine, cakes, coffee or just a light meal, the Castaways Wine Bar is the best choice to include in your itinerary.

Falmouth is also a hub of the art scene, especially for those who love art. The Falmouth Art Gallery is also a great spot to visit. The best part is that it will not charge for admission. Do not forget to drop by at the National Maritime Museum if you want to fully explore the history of Britain at sea.

Newquay, Cornwall

If you are in search for an idyllic yet interesting place to visit in England, you should consider dropping by at Newquay, Cornwall. It is definitely the spot where you can find scenic seashores that hail within the south western region of England. It is in this location where you can discover great gardens and historical sites. Once you have decided to visit Newquay, Cornwall, the best time to visit is during the holiday season so that you will truly feel the festivities in the place. If you need car rental in Cornwall, try car hire newquay airport.

The Newquay holidays typically involves a number of boats heading out to the ocean where you can go on sailing for half a day to enjoy the stunning views of the peaceful inlets, scenic cliffs and the picturesque sands. For a peaceful boating experience, you have the option to make the most out of the Trenance boating which is situated in the Trenance National Park. The park also offers great gardens and green golf courses to try out.

For those who are eager to try out water sports, there are several water sports activities you can engage in during your stay in Newquay such as kayaking, wave snowboarding, jet snowboarding, paddle browsing and many more. You can even spend a relaxing day on the scenic seashores which are considered as the best seashores in the entire United Kingdom. You can swim through the pristine blue waters or even ride on the banana boat for a fun-filled day at the beach.

As one of the busiest tourist destinations in United Kingdom, you are guaranteed that your accommodations in Newquay will be first class. You have the option to choose from the luxurious resorts or even the cottages that provides premium services. Of course, eating in Newquay is not an issue since there are a number of first class restaurants that offer a menu of both local and international dishes. If you want to experience the night life in Newquay, the bars offers the ideal bar hopping experience that you will surely remember.

For nature lovers, there are a number of stunning gardens in Newquay that will surely amaze you. The Misplaced Garden of Heligan covers 80 acres of land that is filled with various plants, exotic flower beds and bushes. As you will stroll within the garden, it feels like you are in a movie act due to the fountains along with beautiful flowers. You can even catch a glimpse of ornamental woodlands during your stay in Newquay. The Trewithen House and backyard is where rare trees and shrubs are grown. There are even magnolias, Chinese and Burmese shrubs, rhododendrons, camellias and many more. The variety of plants that thrive in Newquay is varied which is due to the local weather. In order to complete your vacation in Newquay, Cornwall, do not forget to check on the untouched natural scenery in the place.

Overall, spending your vacation in Newquay, Cornwall is definitely an exciting one. Do not forget to enjoy the picturesque seashores, the delectable cuisines and the pristine natural scenery. Your vacation in Newquay will definitely be a memorable and enjoyable one.