Gatwick Airport, UK

If you’re a frequent traveller to the United Kingdom, then you would know that London has a total of four airports. And Gatwick is one of them. Located in Crawley, West Sussex, this airport is the most ideal point of entry if you’re heading for the southern part of London. This airport has two large terminals, both of which are ready to accommodate the 35 million passengers that it caters to annually.

Gatwick Airport offers flights to more than a hundred destinations both locally and worldwide. Most of its international passengers come from Malaga, Dublin, Barcelona, Geneva, and Madrid. The most popular local flights, on the other hand, are the ones connecting to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Jersey, Belfast, and Guernsey. The reason why Gatwick is popular is because it offers full services and complete facilities. All those in turn, assure the comfort, safety, and convenience of all its passengers. There are shopping and eating areas where you can spend a good chunk of your time while waiting for the connecting flight. The facilities that are offered by the Gatwick Airport are lounges, luggage services, hotel, internet connection, chapel, and concierge.

There are also a lot of ATM machines and currency exchange booths within its premises. Assistance for the physically challenged passengers and traveling children are offered as well. Travelling to and from the airport is also a breeze, as public transportation is easily available. Those who want to hire a car can do so from the airport grounds. To reach Greater London via a private transport, simply take M23 towards M25.s possible as well. Buses, coaches, and taxis are easily accessible too. Transferring from Gatwick to Heathrow is also fairly simple, a feat that is commonly done via the National Express Coaches.

As for the local buses, they can take you to the South terminals where you can head for Horsham, Caterham, and many other destinations. There are several plans to further improve the services and facilities of the Gatwick Airport. Currently, it is the second largest airport in the UK. And although this airport runs on a single runway, it was able to efficiently use its resources to make sure that all passengers arrive safely and on time.

To date, Gatwick Airport has created as many as 23,000 jobs right from its premises. Being a public airport owned by Ivy Holdco Limited, you can very well sure that this airport will improve even more in the years to come, to further serve the interest of its loyal passengers.

Driving in Dorset

In case you are planning to spend your vacation in England, particularly in Dorset, you should consider driving to make your vacation truly worthwhile and memorable. Of course, it is important to find reputable and reliable car rental providers so that you will not encounter any problems throughout your vacation. During your stay in Dorset, make sure that you will book your accommodation in one of the Dorset holiday cottages to make your vacation a comfortable one, as well as the scenic view they provide. By choosing these accommodations, they are packed with all the modern amenities that you truly make your stay comfortable.

It is a known fact that these cottages are situated close to many attractions in Dorset. With a car rental, it will make driving in Dorset even more enjoyable. There are a lot of options to choose from to make your vacation in Dorset a fun-filled and memorable one. There are several museums to check, beaches to enjoy the sun, adventure parks to visit and even historical attractions if you want to learn about the past of Dorset. Of course, driving in Dorset is not complete without enjoying the night life by visiting the bars and nightclubs in the area.

One of the destinations that you should include when driving in Dorset is the Sherborne Golf Club. Once you have enjoyed your breakfast, you should drive down to the Sherborne Golf Club. The golf course dates  back to 1894, and is situated in a serene Somerset-Dorset border, which is a short drive from the Dorset holiday cottages. The golf course is popular to both tourists and locals due to the picturesque surroundings and the challenging course. Even though the golf course is challenging, you will enjoy the stunning scenery. Take note that the Sherborne Golf Club is open on a daily basis except on Thursday morning. Do not forget that a strict dress code is observed, thus make sure that you will dress accordingly.

The Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park is one of the popular attractions in Dorset that you should include in your itinerary while driving in Dorset. It is basically an indoor attraction that is specifically designed for children below 8 years old, making it the ideal place for the entire family. The recent addition to the farm is the “Big Tractor-Bouncy Castle”, which can be enjoyed by the family even if the weather is not desirable. There are even various animal activities that are scheduled every 1 ½ hour at the indoor park. The pig race is the popular attractions in the park that you will be enjoyed by children.

To complete your vacation in Dorset, do not forget to visit the Dusk Nightclub and Bar in Weymouth. It is a classy and popular nightspot, and the drive is just a few minutes from the Dorset holiday cottages. This nightspot is the best place for you and your family to party. The party starts at dusk and ends during the early hours in the morning. Driving in Dorset will surely make your stay even memorable as well as giving you the freedom to explore the place. If you are looking to rent a vehicle to travel around the county, try Car Hire Poole.

Driving In Devon

Devon offers a wide selection of places to visit and things to do. If you are going to spend your vacation in Devon, you will definitely experienc a great vacation. Just make sure that you will select good quality  accommodation during your stay, so that you will have a place to rest after a long day’s drive around Devon.
There are cottages and even family villas situated close to the coast, even in the areas you are interested in. If you want to truly enjoy and experience everything that Devon has to offer, there is a large choice of  car rental companies that you can choose from. Make sure that you will choose a reputable provider to ensure that your vacation will be a smooth and enjoyable one.

Once you have chosen a car rental provider, the next move is to start your tour around Devon. Driving in Devon is truly enjoyable while at the same time enjoying the picturesque beauty the place has to offer. A good place to visit while at the same time sightseeing the diverse landscape is the Beery quarry caves. You will surely enjoy all the activities that you can engage in. You can even drive down the coast and book  a fishing trip, in order to enjoy what the sea has to offer.

Of course, if you feel tired from all the driving, you can ride the Seaton Tramway so that you will catch a full view of the village. With the beautiful landscape in Devon, your vacation will definitely be an amusing and memorable one. In case you are tired driving, you can easily enjoy the panoramic view from the deck in the holiday cottage where you are staying. If you are up to it, you can even drive down to the coast and bask under the warmth of the sea breeze.

Do not forget to drive down to Castle Drago in order to experience the old world while viewing the outstanding granite structure. It is an extensive 700 acre site that is enclosed with a stunning garden and has several walking paths. The Combe Martin Wildlife Park will surely take you to the pre-historic era along with life-size electronica dinosaur models. It is a sub-tropical park that offers various activities such as train rides, animal shows and animal handling sittings. You should also visit the Miniature Pony and Animal Farm if you want to see cows, pigs, birds, goats and other animals. You can even go down a wildlife trail or unwind at the scenic lakes.

The Canonteign Falls is considered as a towering waterfall and a must-see during your vacation in Devon. You will surely enjoy the vast fields, woodlands and serene lakes. There is even an in-house and souvenir shop where you can purchase impressive local art.  Of course, you can take a drive down to Babbacombe Model Village to catch a glimpse on the historical legacy of England through the small-size structures and vehicles. With the wide selection of places and things to do in Devon, it will surely make your vacation worthwhile. Driving in Devon will be a great and enjoyable experience.


Driving on UK roads

The speed limits in the United Kingdom are in mph (miles per hour), and show the maximum speed on the roadsigns that motorists are allowed. In built up parts of the towns and cities,  the speed limit is normally thirty miles per hour, unless otherwise stated. The speed limit on the motorway for most vehicles is normally 70 miles per hour unless the roadsigns state otherwise.

When driving on motorways and dual carriageways, motorists are expected to keep to the inside or left most lane unless overtaking other road users. This applies mostly unless road signs state that the inside lane is to be used for traffic leaving at the next junction. Motorists who want to overtake other vehicles should move to the next outside lane (safely) to overtake the slower vehicle, and then as soon as safely possible, move back to the inside lane.

The speed limits of the vehicles in the UK is also very defined and refined to control the rate of accidents, and to pay attention to people unsafe attitudes. Sometimes belts are not fastened, and cuts are taken which are not safe for anyone and all these attitudes are charged with strict rule and based on the law of the UK.  The inappropriate behaviors of the drivers on the road are not tolerated by the legal persons. The law is improving and tightening than before.

The following of traffic lights is also the major concern to abide by the laws and to move in the right way. The function of the drivers is to know and follow the lights and understands that what they are signaling to them and which lane they should move according to the path they want to move on. The flashing of light and the lane disciplines if followed with care, they will never cause you any harm and loss. The law and citizens all stays happy after the total protection and agreement of the laws. This is of course for the safety and betterment of humanity and nation.





UK Travel

Travelling by road in the UK can be very hazardous unless you know your highway code. There are many motorways throughout the country, with many road signs to read along your journey. At the present, many people both local residents and tourists are opting for UK travel trips. Of course, it is essential to be prepared with any travel trip since a UK travel trip might involve costly medical bills, bad weather as well as other unforeseen events that might ruin your trip. It is best that you are prepared with your UK travel trip by being familiar with certain factors.

In terms of the weather, most of the time, it is not harsh enough to ruin your UK travel trip. Of course, always be prepared in case of erratic weather conditions, especially the snowfall since it can impede the roads and trains as well as result to the cancellation of several domestic flights. Flooding is also another concern these recent years. Roads that are flooded and cancelled train schedules can lead to prolonged delays or even ruin your vacation. Due to bad weather conditions, it can result to costly delays or even cancellation of your UK travel trip. Of course, possessing UK travel insurance can cover the cancellation costs.

Due to certain events that might arise in the airports, such as emergencies or threats, things have the tendency to end up hysterical. In one instance, it resulted to the cancellation of almost a hundred domestic flights due to a threat to the security. It simply means that even if you are booked on one of the short flights to another region in UK, the hysteria might lead to the cancellation of your flight. You might end up riding the next plane. On the other hand if you are insured, you can depend on the cancellation protection on matter what might take place. Of course, The United Kingdom has its own share of diseases that you need to be protected from. It can be quite disappointing to cancel your UK travel trip since one of the family members gets sick. The worst part is that you cannot acquire the money spent on the booking. The drawback with disease is its changeable state, thus it is important to acquire the ideal insurance to be protected at all times.

For your UK travel trip, getting insurance is important. Depending on your decision and what you will be doing in UK, you can purchase the standard UK travel insurance for your trip or adventure travel insurance. Some of the insurance providers can provide insurance that is specific to your activity in UK; it can be for snowboarding or backpacking.Depending on the activities that you and your family will do in UK, it is best to opt for the yearly travel insurance policy. With the standard adventure travel insurance, it can protect you from multiple events. On the other hand, with the yearly coverage, you are protected during several trips all over the one year time frame. Additionally, the coverage offered also includes 24-hour medical care. You also have the option to purchase extra coverage that can include luggage recovery or replacement, business equipment replacement and many more.