Driving In Hampshire

The county of Hampshire in England is situated on the southern coast and offers a wide selection of places to visit while driving. If you want to truly enjoy the sights and places in Hampshire, it is best to drive. Even though London is a must see spot, you should not miss out visiting Hampshire. The county of Hampshire offers a great history and it was home to the former capital of England. There are different places to visit and things to see in Hampshire during your drive.

If you want to drive through the different sites in Hampshire, you can start with the modern attractions. You can initially drive to the Spinnaker Tower located in Portsmouth. It was originally intended to serve as a tower as well as an observing stand to rejoice the Millennium, but it faced monetary and political issues and was not opened to the public until 2005. The tower has the height of 170 meters tall which is considered as the tallest structure outside of London. The site offers a scenic view of the harbor, shoreline and the sea. It is considered as a tourist spot that you should never miss out during your drive in Hampshire.

Southampton is the biggest city in Hampshire in which the SeaCity museum is located. The museum just opened in 2012 and considered as the latest attraction in Southampton that you should consider dropping by. You can stop by at the museum during your drive to experience the “Disaster Room” where an oral testament is utilized to showcase the series of events on the night the Titanic sank. Another exhibit centers on the role of Southampton as a doorway to the world.

During your drive all over Hampshire, Winchester is another popular destination. It was formerly the capital of Wessex and offers a rich history. There are several attractions in Winchester that are worth visiting such as the Winchester Cathedral. It is a Gothic cathedral and the biggest in England with the longest nave. It dates back to the 7th century and even became a burial place for the kings of Wessex. Another attraction in Winchester is the Great Hall which was originally a part of the Winchester Castle. It was constructed under the order of William the Conqueror as a way to solidify his rule on the city following the Norman Conquest. At the present, only the Great Hall is still standing, which features an imitation of the Arthurian Round Table.

The Royal Armouries is considered as the oldest and the first museum in Britain. It has the main purpose of holding the armor and weaponry for the kings of England. The Armouries ended up as a museum during the reign of Charles II. The exhibit is comprised of instruments of torture as well as wooden images that represent the Kings of England. Lastly, if you want to view the natural scenery and landscapes, you should visit the New Forest during your drive. The area was created as a royal forest by William I back in 1079. It offers heathland and a forest which is called home to a wide selection of rare wildlife. With the wide selection of destinations to visit during your drive in Hampshire, it will surely make your stay truly worthwhile and interesting.

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