Driving in Somerset

Spending your vacation in Somerset, England is definitely a memorable one. Somerset is best described as a county that offers a rich history and situated in the marshy lowlands of England. The county offers a variety of attractions and monuments that you should visit during your stay in England. Bath is a wonderful old city with the famous Roman Baths, and of course the Spa. In order to truly make your stay in Somerset worthwhile, it is best to drive around to experience what it is like as well as to truly catch the beauty of the place.

Of course, during your drive in Somerset, there are several attractions that you should never miss out. One village that you should include in your driving itinerary is Cadbury. It is basically a small village that is located in the northern region of Somerset. The Cadbury Castle is definitely one of the attractions that you should visit. Archaeologists and local historians believed that the castle formerly belonged to prehistoric period, making it one of the oldest yet finest.

During your drive around Somerset, you can head to Chard. It is considered as the uppermost town in Somerset with an altitude of approximately 400 feet above the sea level. The town is well known for its structures that dates backs to the 16th century. Do not forget the St. Mary’s Church which is recognized as one of the best churches in the county.

As a break from your driving, there are boating facilities that you will surely enjoy along the two streams flowing together with the High Street while the other to the English Channel. If you want to taste the delicacies in Somerset, you can drive to Cricket St. Thomas. The place is well known for the wide variety of eateries and restaurants that offer the best delicacies in England. It was initially an intricate mansion that formerly belonged to the royal family of Bridport while the vast ground was transformed into a preserve for the wildlife.

You can also drive all the way to Wincanron. It is basically a small village that showcases several small pebbled houses that are situated on the hill. The village provides a picturesque view of the Blackmoor Vale. The village of Tintinhull is well known for its miniature houses as well as other homes that belonged to prominent artists. The main attraction that is worth visiting in the village is the Tintinhull House that was constructed back in the Renaissance period.

There are other towns in Somerset that you should include in your driving itinerary. Ilchester is a town that formerly belonged to the Roman times and eventually gained importance during the medieval and Renaissance period. There are several exotic structures that portray the Georgian style of architecture. The Tudor Manor is also worth visiting. It houses a chapel that was constructed back in the 14th century beside the Elizabeth Gardens.

The Ilminster is basically a chief marketplace that is located in the foot hills of the Black Down Hills. You can find a variety of handicrafts as well as other local items that you can take home as souvenirs or gifts. The Bacon Hill is located on the North Street which provides scenic views of the neighboring areas. With the wide selection of places to drive to in Somerset, your stay is definitely worthwhile. The best part is that you can take your time in enjoying the sites and attractions.

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