Gatwick Airport, UK

If you’re a frequent traveller to the United Kingdom, then you would know that London has a total of four airports. And Gatwick is one of them. Located in Crawley, West Sussex, this airport is the most ideal point of entry if you’re heading for the southern part of London. This airport has two large terminals, both of which are ready to accommodate the 35 million passengers that it caters to annually.

Gatwick Airport offers flights to more than a hundred destinations both locally and worldwide. Most of its international passengers come from Malaga, Dublin, Barcelona, Geneva, and Madrid. The most popular local flights, on the other hand, are the ones connecting to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Jersey, Belfast, and Guernsey. The reason why Gatwick is popular is because it offers full services and complete facilities. All those in turn, assure the comfort, safety, and convenience of all its passengers. There are shopping and eating areas where you can spend a good chunk of your time while waiting for the connecting flight. The facilities that are offered by the Gatwick Airport are lounges, luggage services, hotel, internet connection, chapel, and concierge.

There are also a lot of ATM machines and currency exchange booths within its premises. Assistance for the physically challenged passengers and traveling children are offered as well. Travelling to and from the airport is also a breeze, as public transportation is easily available. Those who want to hire a car can do so from the airport grounds. To reach Greater London via a private transport, simply take M23 towards M25.s possible as well. Buses, coaches, and taxis are easily accessible too. Transferring from Gatwick to Heathrow is also fairly simple, a feat that is commonly done via the National Express Coaches.

As for the local buses, they can take you to the South terminals where you can head for Horsham, Caterham, and many other destinations. There are several plans to further improve the services and facilities of the Gatwick Airport. Currently, it is the second largest airport in the UK. And although this airport runs on a single runway, it was able to efficiently use its resources to make sure that all passengers arrive safely and on time.

To date, Gatwick Airport has created as many as 23,000 jobs right from its premises. Being a public airport owned by Ivy Holdco Limited, you can very well sure that this airport will improve even more in the years to come, to further serve the interest of its loyal passengers.

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