Lands End, Cornwall

There are so many beautiful destinations to visit in the United Kingdom, but naturally best destination for a memorable outing Land’s End is the most favorable place. It is placed in western Cornwall of England. Basically it is more famous for showing the cute relationship of sea and land which keeps on changing every time.

How to reach Land’s End

If you are coming from John o’ Groats, Scotland you will have to cover total distance of 838 miles on road. It is situated at the last westerly place of mainland of Cornwall which is within peninsula and around 8 miles towards southern west of Penzance just at the beginning and ending of A30 road. Land’s End is not that kind of place where you will need to search for the facilities. Everything is available easily and you don’t have to pay for anything additionally. Only for parking the vehicle you have to pay. Visitors enjoy walking to cliff tops to experience the changes occurring in Cornwal seasonally. Enjoy the view of thousand miles spread ocean’s start and end point. To keep this memory green forever you need photographs of yours and co-visitors. So make a souvenir shopping in shopping village of West Country. Then enjoy your food at the high class restaurants and make yourself comfortable in Land’s End Bars.

Though in every season Land’s End stays as beautiful as heaven but during winter the fun of roaming around there is just a unique experience. You can take beautiful amazing landscape photographs yourself or by professional photographers present there. However to visit westernmost parts of Cornwall, you should choose Summer. For your full family outing Land’s End is a perfect destination. It is a naturally blessed environment and allows you to have adventurous and memorable days there. Stylish contemporary cuisines will be served to you in it refurbished restaurants. They offer you the Cornwall’s very real taste in affordable prices.

What Does Land’s End Offer:

Land’s End offers you an infinite range of services related to foods, travels, photography, shopping, hotels etc. Few of them are illustrated briefly as follows:

  • Cornish Pantry: Take full advantage of big self serviced restaurants and help yourself to get mouth watering family favorite food items
  • Shopping Centre’s: There is a range of products to shop from which are exclusively available in Land’s End.
  • Penwith House: Buy lovely gifts for your near ones from Penwith House. They also have cloths, souvenirs, books, dry food items and many more.
  • Craft workers: Cornish craft workers are famous for making various woodcraft, pottery, engraved glass, jewels and leather works too.
  • iPad Users: For iPad users, there is a new app for Land’s End available in free of cost. For digital guidance of destination this app is really cool. Take benefits of this app along with search other ways of sources to plan your excursion to Land’s End well before going to there to enjoy a perfect holiday trip.



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