London, England

London is one of the most populous cities of the England, United Kingdom. It is the capital of England and stands on the river Thames. It is the most developed cities of the England that consist of two Counties i.e. County of Greater London and the city of London. It is the most prominent cities due to the rich strengths, including education, entertainment, healthcare, media, research, tourism and a modern transport system.  It is known as the economic hub of the England and among the list largest cities in the world by GDP. The city of London is known as a leading education provider for higher studies to international students. London is believed to have the biggest international airports, according to the traffics of passengers and hosted three major Olympics games in the city. The city is small in area but absorbs a large number of geographically diverse people due to its economic conditions. There are almost 300 languages spoken at the London to make a huge diversity in the city. London has lots of heritage sites that are worth watching for the tourists. Some of the popular sites include The Tower of London, Palace of Westminster, Kew Gardens and St Margaret’s Church.

London has become a second largest immigrant city as per census of 2011. In the 19th century, there was the population growth was really high and ethnic groups living in the city include British, Indians, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Arabs. People following different religions are also living in the city for decades. The city is major contributors to the GDP of the UK. The financial experts in the city make it the most lucrative place for investment that helps to contribute to the GDP of the country. It creates more jobs for the youngsters in the country and people come to this city just for the sake of jobs. There are almost 500 international banks with global branches and have many services industries. The London is the headquarters of top 100 leading companies of the world. It is the technological hub of the country with offices all over the city.Tourism has a major role in the GDP contribution of the country and tourists from different parts of the world visit this place every year. Around 16 million tourists visit London every year to spend their holidays.

London become a centre of attraction for the students for higher studies. Students prefer to take admissions in the universities in London because it offers better facilities and a bundle of job opportunities for the international students seeking admissions. London has world’s top universities to offer quality education to the students. The city of London offers many recreational and sports activities for the visitors. It has eight national parks, including Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Regent Park and a large zoo. The city offers rich sports facilities and holds football championship games in London every year. Cricket and Rugby are two popular sports in the city.



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