Newquay, Cornwall

If you are in search for an idyllic yet interesting place to visit in England, you should consider dropping by at Newquay, Cornwall. It is definitely the spot where you can find scenic seashores that hail within the south western region of England. It is in this location where you can discover great gardens and historical sites. Once you have decided to visit Newquay, Cornwall, the best time to visit is during the holiday season so that you will truly feel the festivities in the place. If you need car rental in Cornwall, try car hire newquay airport.

The Newquay holidays typically involves a number of boats heading out to the ocean where you can go on sailing for half a day to enjoy the stunning views of the peaceful inlets, scenic cliffs and the picturesque sands. For a peaceful boating experience, you have the option to make the most out of the Trenance boating which is situated in the Trenance National Park. The park also offers great gardens and green golf courses to try out.

For those who are eager to try out water sports, there are several water sports activities you can engage in during your stay in Newquay such as kayaking, wave snowboarding, jet snowboarding, paddle browsing and many more. You can even spend a relaxing day on the scenic seashores which are considered as the best seashores in the entire United Kingdom. You can swim through the pristine blue waters or even ride on the banana boat for a fun-filled day at the beach.

As one of the busiest tourist destinations in United Kingdom, you are guaranteed that your accommodations in Newquay will be first class. You have the option to choose from the luxurious resorts or even the cottages that provides premium services. Of course, eating in Newquay is not an issue since there are a number of first class restaurants that offer a menu of both local and international dishes. If you want to experience the night life in Newquay, the bars offers the ideal bar hopping experience that you will surely remember.

For nature lovers, there are a number of stunning gardens in Newquay that will surely amaze you. The Misplaced Garden of Heligan covers 80 acres of land that is filled with various plants, exotic flower beds and bushes. As you will stroll within the garden, it feels like you are in a movie act due to the fountains along with beautiful flowers. You can even catch a glimpse of ornamental woodlands during your stay in Newquay. The Trewithen House and backyard is where rare trees and shrubs are grown. There are even magnolias, Chinese and Burmese shrubs, rhododendrons, camellias and many more. The variety of plants that thrive in Newquay is varied which is due to the local weather. In order to complete your vacation in Newquay, Cornwall, do not forget to check on the untouched natural scenery in the place.

Overall, spending your vacation in Newquay, Cornwall is definitely an exciting one. Do not forget to enjoy the picturesque seashores, the delectable cuisines and the pristine natural scenery. Your vacation in Newquay will definitely be a memorable and enjoyable one.




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