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Bath is a city located in Somerset, England. It is about a hundred miles west of London, approximately 14 miles from Bristol, and only twenty miles from Bristol airport. Bath is world famous for It's Roman Baths, Hot Springs, Georgian architecture and Medieval heritage.

In the Roman times, Bath had many baths built, and later in the eighteenth century when they were discovered, the city became a huge tourist attraction. In the Medieval times, Bath had an Abbey and Cathedral, but during the reign of Henry the eighth, it,s future was uncertain.

Bath is situated amongst the beautiful countryside of Somerset, at the river Avon's valley. Bath was given city status by queen Elizabeth the first, in fifteen ninety. The city was also given 'World heritage site' status back in nineteen eighty seven.

Bath Attractions:

Bath has many attraction for day visitors (almost 4 million a year) and staying visitors (more than one million). It has a large variety of museums and theatres, as well as sporting venues and places of culture.

Roman Baths:

The bathing complex built by the Romans, has natural hot water still flowing. The ruins from the spring are still stunningly preserved, and expertly presented. There are also staff dressed in roman costumes, who tell the stories of life back in the roman times, more than two thousand years ago.

The Jane Austen Centre:

The centre named after one of Bath's most well known Writer discovers what life was like in the regency times. Also at the centre there are the famous regency tea rooms, with fantastic views of Bath. There is also a giftshop, costumes and film located in the complex.