Birmingham Airport - Car Rental

Birmingham airport is situated about 10km east of Birmingham city at Solihull. The airport is one of the busiest and now largest airports in England. Around 10 million passengers pass through Birmingham airport every year. There are two terminals Terminal1 and Terminal2. Terminal1 is the main Terminal and Terminal2 is the Eurohub. There are Bureaux de change at both terminals, and several ATM machines at the airport. The airport is planning to extend it's main runway, and aims to be completed before the London Olympics. It also has other plans of development up to 2010.

With the construction of the Birmingham Airport in the 1920s, people from the city need not travel to another location like London just to catch a flight going in and out of the country. Although it recently dropped the word ‘International’ from its name, the airport keeps its international flight offerings and takes passengers to the Middle East, North America, Caribbean, Pakistan, India, and the rest of Europe on a daily basis. The airport also offers domestic flights.
Birmingham Airport is the 7th busiest terminal in the UK. Aside from catering to passengers, it also serves as a training ground for new pilots. When it was first opened in the 1920s, popular personalities such as Greece and Denmark’s Princess Marina and the Duchess of Kent inaugurated it. The airport also played a very crucial role during World War II. Since then, the airport has seen lots of changes. Just recently, terminals 1 and 2 were merged and redeveloped. There were lots of plans for many other improvements as well, which are all expected to be completed by 2030. An extension to the runway is currently underway.

Birmingham Airport Facts:

This airport is highly accessible from any point of the city. For one, there is a train passing through it. Passengers can drop by the Birmingham International Station to get there. For those who want to use the buses and the coaches, contact National Express to know which ones to take. Taxis are easily hailed from the airport as well, as there is a taxi rank just outside the arrivals area. Those who have cars and bikes parked at the airport grounds can simply take the M42 motorway and the A45, respectively.
The airport serves as the main base for airlines such as Flybe, Ryanair, Thomson Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, and Monarch. There are many others flying through it, examples are Aer Lingus, Air Berlin, Air France, EasyJet, KLM, and Emirates. Annually, the airport caters to some 8 to 9 million passengers in more or less 100,000 flights. Most of the passengers who come to the Birmingham Airport hailed flights come from Dublin, Dubai, Amsterdam, and France. The airport comes complete with all the facilities, amenities, and features that would make traveling a worthwhile experience. The security and luggage system at the airport is smooth and reliable. There are special assistance extended to passengers with reduced mobility as well. There are lounges, handling agents, parking spaces, Wi-Fi zones, and many other terminal facilities that passengers can possibly use and enjoy.
Birmingham Airport is in the process of rebranding itself. It would like to reposition itself in the UK marketplace. This should be an added advantage to passengers, as they can almost expect a better service from this airport.