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Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, and has been since nineteen fifty five. The city is full of history and character. Cardiff castle is located in the centre of the city, and dates back to the Romans times (around 50BC to 350AD) where a fort was built. Then around the eleventh century, after the Normans Invaded, it was re-constructed with a bailey fortification and motte. In the nineteenth century, the Bute family used the castle as their home. They restored the castle with medieval-style features, which can still be seen today. Cardiff airport is the main International airport in Wales, and has more than two million passengers passing through each year. The airport is situated about eleven miles from the city centre. Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, being the largest city in the region. When compared with the other cities of the UK, it ranks 10th in terms of size and population. And just like most city centers, Cardiff is a commercial urban zone that welcomes as many as 18 million visitors annually.

Technically speaking, Cardiff is not a residential area. But around 10% of the entire Welsh population live here. And as a major economic and industrial zone in South Wales, it is where the most important education, health, and public administration offices are located. Cardiff is a very historic city, just like what most UK capitals are. And as far as sightseeing landmarks are concerned, the best ones to visit here are the National Museum, the bay area, and the city’s many parks. Of course, there’s also the Cardiff Castle that is often the site of many major events in the city. But what’s even better about it is that you can host your own show there. The castle is also being offered as a venue for hire to the public. Cardiff can be explored in many ways – through a bicycle tour, a boat ride, or even on foot. But of course, if you would rather do it with a group, do enlist yourself under the different coach tours offered here. Bicycles can be rented easily from the different service providers. Boat rides, on the other hand, are best done via Princess Katharine, which regularly sails to and from the Cardiff Bay and the city centre.

Treat Yourself to An Enjoyable Trip to Cardiff:

There are certain sports and adventures that you can enjoy from Cardiff too, more particularly football and rugby. It is also here where you can find the gigantic Millenium Stadium where most of the matches are held. More than just team sports, there are other activities that are worth visiting in the city. Beaches, fresh water lakes, forests, and mountains can be found here too.Even entertainment is at its prime here in Cardiff. It’s always a pleasure to watch shows and musicals from the Wales Millennium Centre, the New Theatre, and Sherman Cymru, among others. If you want comedy, you can head for the The Glee Club and the Chapter Arts Centre. For live music, there’s the St David’s Hall and the Motorpoint Arena are good places to try. Shopping is a major activity around here too, with St. Mary Street and Queen Street as the designated retail zones. However, there are several other areas in Cardiff where you can do some shopping, including Culverhouse Cross, Newport Road, and Leckwith. Castle Quarter is a commercial area as well. When all of the things are considered, your trip to Cardiff is indeed a time well spent. It is just a matter of enjoying everything that the city has to offer. You’ll definitely enjoy your stay here.

Other Attractions In The City:

There is a large number of shopping arcades and major stores in the city centre, which are pedestrianised.

The New theatre, which in fact is the oldest in the city and was built in the beginning of the 20th century, and seats well over a thousand people. The lesser known Sherman theatre was buil in the nineteen seventies, and seats about five hundred people.

Cardiff Bay is well worth a visit, and in the past decade it has transformed into one of the major waterfront developments in Europe. The attractions in Cardiff bay include the Wales Millennium centre and Techniquest.

The Library in Cardiff city centre was opened in March 2009 and has all the latest technology. It includes a grass roof, which is extremely environmental friendly, and is one of a few city buildings in the UK with this feature.






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