Salford Car Rental

Salford is a city and borough of Greater Manchester in England. The city is has bounderies with the boroughs of Bury and Bolton to the North, and with Trafford in the South. Salford Docks were opened back in eighteen ninety four by Queen Victoria, providing dock facilities for Salford and Manchester. During the nineteen seventies the docks fell into recline due to it's size, and not being able to serve very large ships, and in the early eighties more than three thousand people lost their jobs. During the mid-eighties, Salford Council bought the docks and converted it into a major tourism centre and employed more than ten thousand people.

Salford has one of the highest number of grade onelisted buildings in the Greater Manchester area, these include Ordsall Hall, St Mark's Church, Paris Church Of St Mary The Virgin, The Church Of Augustine and many more. There are several ancient monuments in the city, including The Iron Age Promontary Fort, which is the oldest and dates back to 500BC.

There are four railway stations that serve Salford, these are Patricroft and Eccles which are on the Liverpool to Manchester line Northern route. The Manchester Metrolink's Eccles line passes through Salford, which stops at Salford Quays, Anchorage, Harbour City and many more stations. There are many bus routes throughout the city and the Greater Manchester areas, and there are bus stations at Eccles and Pendleton. The Eccles station has a service to Liverpool John Lennon Airport, and Pendleton has a service to Preston.