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St Albans is a city located in the county of Hertfordshire, in England. It is situated approximately twenty two miles (35km) North of London, and is one of the most expensive places to live in the UK. The city has an excellent economy, and an ideal location for road and rail links. The University of Hertfordshire (based mostly in Hatfield) is near St Albans, and caters for more than twenty seven thousand pupils each year. With it's beautiful surroundings and close proximity to London, St Albans was a very popular location for film and television, including tv series such as Life Begins, Foyles War and many more, and films such as Johnny English and First Knight.


There are many theatres located in the city, including the Abbey Theatre, Maltings Art Theatre, the Alban Arena and many more. Trestle Theatre Company are also based in St Albans who over the years have created innovative physical storytelling since nineteen eighty one.


There are two museums operated in the city, they are Museum of St Albans which tells the history of the city, and Verulamium Museum which includes the story from the Roman times, including many excavational objects found in and around the old Roman town.