Sunbury On Thames Vehicle Hire

Sunbury On Thames is a town bordered by Hampton and Feltham, and lies about sixteen miles (25.6km) South West of London. The town has two areas bordered by the M3 motorway, The Northern part is Sunbury Common, which houses large business's including BP and Chubb. Sunbury village is the Southern part of the area and borders the River Thames, and has more of a village atmoshere and the house prices are more expensive. Manor Lane and Thames Street are the main streets in the area, and run parallel with the River Thames.

Lower Sunbury:

Lower Sunbury is also home to the London Irish Rugby club, which dates back to nineteen thirty one, when the club bought eleven acres of land. The Avenue provide the training headquarters for the professional rugby team, as well as the Amateur Club and the London Irish England Rugby Academy. Lower Sunbury also houses the Sunbury Millenium Embroidery, which was designed during the nineteen nineties, and completed in two thousand. The Sunbury Millenium Embroidery Gallery (purpose built) has been it's home since two thousand and six. There is a cafe (which resembles a boat) within the gallery building, and is very popular with locals and visitors.


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