Cork City Rentals - Ireland

Cork is the second busiest city in the Republic of Ireland ( only Dublin is larger in terms of population). The population of Cork is just short of one hundred and twenty thousand, not including the suburban areas. Cork is also known as the rebel county, which dates back to the War of the Roses in the late fifteenth century, and it's support for Englishman Perkin Warbeck. Some people from Cork refer to the city as the real capital of ireland.

The middle of Cork city is an island, with the river Lee flowing through it then Lough Mahon and eventually to the harbour. Cork harbour is one of the largest natural harbours in the world. Cork city is one of the leading major ports in Ireland, with docks and quays along the river Lee. A number of streets in Cork city lay over channels, where a hundred years ago ships used to anchor their chains. There are many department stores and shopping centres in Cork city. The famous English market is well worth a visit, and has several entrances, these include the grande Parade, Princes street and St Patrick's street.

Places to Visit:

There are many interesting smaller shops including craft shops, including the well known locally Crafts of Ireland. This shop has lots of different craftwork including leatherwork, pottery, wall hangings and weavings. Also located in the city is one of the oldest publishing houses (independant) in Ireland and has a very large selection of titles. There are many pubs in Cork city, one of the most popular and trendiest is the Coal Quay, which has many specialist beers on offer.

Another trendy bar is the Vineyard, located in Market lane. There are many Traditional pubs and one of the most popular is the Lobby bar located near the town hall. For a family run pub, there is the Long Valley, which has a friendly atmoshere and nicely decorated.