Dover Car Hire

Car hire Dover is ideal for renting a vehicle, with our easy to use booking form. For a quote or reservation, please use our booking form to the right. Dover is situated in Kent on the South East coast of England. It is approximately 70 miles from London, and is the nearest point to France. The frequent Cross channel ferries travel from Dover to Calais in France and also Ostend in Belgium. Dover was a very important military location in UK History. It has many monuments dating as far back as the Bronze age. One of Dover's main places of interest is Dover castle which dates back to the twelve century and is in a perfect position defencively.Dover is a beautiful town in the south eastern part of England. It sits right across France and the English Channel. Of all the many things associated with Dover, being a very important ferry port is the one most remembered of all.

For those who are looking for a place to relax, enjoy, and see England it is most natural form, a trip to Dover is highly recommended. Dover offers a range of attractions nestled right in the heart of its unspoilt and natural surroundings. There are castles, museums, and great wide outdoors to see and explore. Cruises are offered at its best out here too. But on top of it all, the locals unfailingly celebrate annual festivals and cultural events out here. And all of these are the reasons why visitors must decide to come.

Dover Attractions:

Officially a part of the White Cliffs Country, there are definitely more than enough attractions see during your Dover trip. The attractions that you should never miss are the Dover Castle, the South Foreland Lighthouse, and the White Cliffs. You should also drop by the Secret War Time Tunnels, the Dover Transport Museum, and The Pines Garden is you still have the time. If you want to see the beach, the top suggestions are St. Margaret’s Bay, Samphire Hoe, and the Dover Beach.
Aside from the many sights to see, there are a whole lot of things to experience out here in Dover. World-class entertainment is offered at its best from time to time. There are many cinemas and theatres that tend to showcase both local and international talents. Do watch out for whatever’s on in Dover. There is a high chance that you’ll enjoy being right on the centre of it. If anything, Dover is quite popular for its historic re-enactments and annual regatta.
For food and drink fans, Dover is a haven in its own right. Do taste a grand collection of fruits and herbal teas while you’re here. Fresh seafood is served almost everywhere too so don’t forget to try them as well. There is also a grand array of pubs, cafes, and diners all over town. Speciality restaurants, like those serving Italian, South African, Greek, and traditional English dishes are easily available. The places to try are the Chequers Restaurant, Cider Works, Cullins Yard, and Jasin’s Restaurant, among others.
For sports and fitness followers, the most preferred activities here are walking, cycling, swimming, and tennis. Tours are also scheduled regularly so visitors can see all the hidden gems in this far side of England. There are shopping centres and fresh food markets all at the city centre as well. Do visit all of them to complete your ultimate Dover experience.



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