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Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland. It is a thriving city famous for it's vibrancy, tourist attractions and the nightlife. It is also the most popular destination for travellers to the Republic of Ireland. Dublin is a large city in proportion to the size of the country and over 25 per cent of the population. The city centre can still be accessed by foot because it is compact. Dublin has a history of some important events that occurred including the Easter Rising back in 1916. The General post office still has the original shell scarred pillars from the event.

Dublin city is in two halves, either side of the river Liffey. The well known O'Connell street is on the north side together with many shopping streets including Talbot street and Henry street. The South side of the Liffey is Graffton street also known for the streets of shops and also the famous Trinity College amongst other famous attractions. The North Liffey postcodes are the odd numbers between one and twenty four and the South of the Liffey have the even numbers. The smallest numbers being the closest to the centre of the city.

The main tourist office is in St Andrews church near Grafton street, and is very helpful for general information and advice on the main attractions of Dublin. Dublin Pubs: There are over one thousand pubs in Dublin and a visit to the city would not be complete without experiencing the Craic of the Dublin pubs. There many different types of pubs in Dublin, some with live traditional irish music and others with Rock and pop bands.






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