Dublin Airport Car Hire

Dublin airport is located approximately 10.5km north of Dublin city and is near the M1 and M50 motorways. It takes at approximately 35 minutes from Dublin airport to the city depending on the traffic. Aer Lingus, Ryanair, and Aer Arann are the main Irish airlines. Aer Lingus is the national airline and provides European and transatlantic flights. Dublin is a world famous destination and capital of Ireland. It is one the best tourists attractions with amazing nightlife and a central point for the visitors. Dublin has one of the largest airports in the world which caters the needs of millions of passengers travelling to Europe on the daily basis. The Dublin airport has highest traffic levels in the Ireland making it the busiest airport. The Dublin airport hosts several airlines to accommodate a large number of the passenger to travel across the city. Similarly, train and road networks are alternatively used by the passengers to move inside the city. The Dublin airport competes with international standards and offers everything passengers need to have comfortable travel by air.

The city located at the mouth of River Liffey with the population of 1,273,069. The majority of the people of Dublin are living in suburbs, and the City Council administers the Dublin city. The city is known as the global city and ranks in the world's top thirty cities of the world. It remained and has become a centre of arts, education, industry and economy.The River Liffey divides the city into two parts; O'Connell is on the north side of Liffey, which has lots of shopping malls, offices and business activities. On the other part, the south part has many attractions like St. Patrick's Cathedrals, Trinity College and Christ Church. There are many places in Dublin that are worth watching by the tourists. The finest Georgian architecture is present in the Dublin that offers a marvelous piece to watch. Dublin has mild climate due to the effects of Gulf Stream and the Atlantic Ocean. The winter is relatively moderate as compared to the cities in the Europe, but temperature rises during the nighThe city has various means of modern transportation to travel across the city that connects Dublin with the rest of the parts. There is air, road and train transportation system are available for passengers to move from one part to another.

Dublin Attractions

Whether it is winter or summer, Dublin has much to offer for the tourists. They get a broad range of choices to spend their time in the busy crowds. There are worth watching places in Dublin and offer tourists attraction including Chester Beatty Library, St Patrick's Cathedral, Christ Church, Dublin Castle, Writer Museum, Viking World, Zoo, Project Art Centre, National Gallery of Ireland and lots of belongings of Georgian society. Apart from the visitor's attractions, Dublin caters tourist's shopping need with its famous Grafton Street, which remains full of crows all the times. Dublin has one of the most famous and expensive departmental stores where you can find everything you want to buy. There are Temple bars, restaurants, pubs and a variety of local shops offering eateries to the tourists. There are scenic points and attractions in Dublin, and you can only get the chance to see most of the city with the long stay. Enjoy your trip to Dublin and lots of attractions.