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Manchester is in the county of Lancashire and is one of the major cities in the UK. It is a thriving city famous for it's sport, music, University and more. It is also one the most popular destinations for city breaks. The city has a lot of theatres and some are Internationally famous, including the Library Theartre and the Royal Exchange theartre. Manchester university has a theartre of it's own called Contact theartre located on it's campus. The Whitworth art gallery, which is owned by the University has a large design and art collection and entrance is free of charge. Manchester museum (university owned) has a huge collection of worldwide items of interest. The museum has had a major refurbishment and has another two galleries.

The city of Manchester has two major football clubs Manchester united and Manchester city. It also has an ice hockey team Manchester Phoenix and a cricket club Lancashire cricket club. Also the Manchester aquatics centre hosted the 2002 Commonwealth games and was a great boost for the city.The music scene in Manchester is world famous and many bands including Simply red, The smiths and Stone roses to name but a few. There are also strong links with classical music including the BBC Philharmonic and many more. Manchester has direct rail links to most cities in the UK. It also has a swift intercity rail facility to London.

Trams were re-run in Manchester back in 1992 and is considering more tram transport for the future. There is an excellent bus route in the city, and because of the large student population, the ticket price is very competive.Manchester may just be the second most populous zone in the UK. But it competes head to head with London, which is the country’s capital and premier city, in many ways. In Manchester, you can expect to experience everything in a world-class fashion. From large sporting and entertainment events to flea markets, nothing is less than spectacular around here.
The Greater Manchester area houses around 2.5 million residents, which is a far cry from London’s 8 million. But then, its location and fine offerings make it one of the best places to be. Manchester can be found in the northwest part of England, forming a continuous conurbation with the Pennines and Cheshire Plain. That suggests living here is relatively slower and calmer.
Manchester is rich in history and culture as well, with all of them captured in the several museums and ageless architectural offerings in the city. There are also art and science festivals held here annually. The night scene, theatre shows, family fun, and the green countryside are just a few that many visitors will love about Manchester.

However, most of the visitors to the city are sports lovers. There’s no doubt that Manchester is the city of sports in the country, probably in the entire European Region. Football, rugby, and many other major sporting events were held in Manchester, more particularly at the Etihad Stadium. Some may even be surprised to know that Manchester has an attraction called the National Football Museum, the place where all the best and the biggest football archives and artifacts were kept for viewing to the general public. The museum definitely makes Manchester as the football capital of the world.



The landmarks that make Manchester popular are the Beetham Tower, CIS Tower, The Green Building, and the Heaton Park. There are also several monuments built in the city’s squares and public areas, several of which are the ones made for Prince Albert, Oliver Heywood, and Bishop James Fraser, among others.
Manchester has its own airport, which is simply named as the Manchester Airport. It handles both domestic and international flights. As a matter of fact, it is the third busiest airport in all of the UK. Incidentally, the two busiest ones are located within London.
Aside from sports, Manchester puts into focus other entertainment aspects as well. Music, performing arts, and literature are very popular out here too. There are many bands that emerge from this city and they are The Smiths, Joy Division, Oasis, and New Order. As for performing arts, the places of interest are the Manchester Opera House, Palace Theatre, and Royal Exchange. On the other hand, Manchester has successfully inspired authors by the likes of Elizabeth Gaskell, Friedrich Engels, and Charles Dickens.
The nightlife in Manchester has been always at its best, as well as its many fine dining restaurants. The hotel choices here are wide and varied as well. Drop by for a visit and see how Manchester can entertain you to the hilt.