Manchester Airport Car Hire

Manchester airport is one of UK's busiest airports. It is located approximately eleven miles (17.5km) South West of the city, at junction 5 off the M56 motorway. The airport is the business and largest outside the region of London, with over twice the number of passengers than other airports in the UK except the London region. In case you are planning a trip to UK, you have to properly plan on how you are going to tour around the city. Once your destination is Manchester, you would definitely want to opt for the best car hire Manchester airport. You no longer need to wait for hours just to get a taxi ride. The best part is that with the car hire Manchester airport, you do not have to spend a lot unlike with the other local taxis. The car rentals offers the latest car models, thus you are assured of comfort and safety when travelling to your destination as well as avoiding the hassle of public transportation.

Airport Terminals:

The terminals are about eight and a half miles (13.6km) from the centre of manchester. There are long and short term parking facilities with over 13000 spaces. The short term car park is near Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Manchester airport is run and owned by the Manchester Airports Group, with Manchester City Council holding the largest percentage stake.

Airport Car Rental:

Manchester airport offers a number of car rental offices throughout the airport. The rental services are readily available 24/7 in order to cater to the needs of their clients. Once the Christmas season arrives, the airports are overflowing with people, thus it is best to get car rental services instead of waiting for a taxi. Of course, the demand for car rentals will also be high, thus it is best to book in advance to ensure a hassle-free arrival at the airport and you will be taken straight to your destination.At Manchester airport, it is considered fun since these cars offers the latest interiors and comforts. The drivers of these car rentals are considered the best and can easily drive you in a fast yet safe manner to any destination in the city. The drivers are properly trained to deal with their clients and possess knowledge of all the places. The car hire Manchester airport are highly beneficial to many tourists as well as helping save a lot on the expenses.

The airport offers a number of packages that can cater to the needs of their clients. One can choose a package that best suits their allotted budget range. You have to take note that there are different places in Manchester that is worth visiting, such as the famous galleries and museums. Additionally, there are also different festivals to see in the city. Getting a car rental is the ideal option if you are with your family. With the car hire Manchester airport, it no longer involves any middle men, thus all the rates are affordable, depending on the type of vehicle that you will choose. Once you have decided to employ car rental services, you have easy access to the customer care center in case you have any concerns or you are going to book in advance. You might be lucky enough to gain discounts depending on your booking. Your trip in UK will be a hassle-free one by hiring the car rentals that offer the best comfort and service during your stay. With the help of the Internet, you can book in advance along with your preferences. Spending your vacation in Manchester will be a lot easier and convenient with the help of the car hire Manchester airport services.




Image of Manchester Airport

Airport Facilities:

Manchester airport has a large range of facilities for leisure, business, and disabled passengers. There is excellent public transport to and from the airport, including car hire, buses, trains and taxis. The access roads are clearly sign posted, which makes it easy for locating Manchester airport.