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Rugby is a market town situated on the River Avon, in the county of Warwickshire. It is the county's 2nd largest town, with a population of about sixty five thousand. The town lies around thirteen miles (21km) East of Coventry, close to the borders of Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.

Rugby is most famous for being place where rugby football was invented, back in eighteen twenty three. William Web Ellis is the man credited with the invention, when breaking the rules of a football match. The town is also famous for it's public school 'Rugby School', and is one of the oldest schools in Britain. The school is also known for being the setting for the famous novel 'Tom Brown's School days' by Thomas Hughes.

Rugby is also the birth place of Frank Whittle, who built the first protoype jet engine at the British Thomson Houston works, located in the town. He developed the prototype engines from nineteen thirty six to nineteen forty one in Brownsover Hall, near the town centre. He also worked in Lutterworth, which is also near Rugby. Dennis Gabor was the man who invented Holography in nineteen forty seven, and was also based in Rugby.

Back in nineteen thirty two the town was made a borough, as a result of an almalgamation of the original town and the former villages of Newbold On avon, Bilton, Brownsover and Hillmorton. Hillside, Overslade and New Bilton are also included in the town. The railway station in the town is Rugby Central Station, was opened in eighteen ninety nine and is on the Great Central Main Line. the testing centre for steam locamotives was also based in the town.