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Malaga lies approximately 8 kilometres (5 miles) from the airport. The tourist industry is the most important business together with Agriculture in Malaga. The average temperatures are around twenty four degrees, which makes it an ideal place for growing fruit such as oranges and lemons. Malaga is also a major city for the textile trade.


Malaga has a variety of restaurants, Bodegas and bars.

The Picasso Museum is situated in the old quarter of the town near the cathedral. The museum has been open since two thousand and three and is housed in Palacio de Buenavista, a 16th century palace. The museum has many paintings by Pablo Picasso who was born in Malaga.

The Aquarium of Malaga has a large number of species from the sea. There is also a section on life at sea, which has all kinds of tools that were used by the fishermen of old, on display.

There are many cultural attractions for visitors to enjoy and Malaga has a fascinating history, but it is also the climate that attracts so many tourists to spend their holiday here.