Malaga Airport Cheap Minibus Hire


Malaga Airport is located in Spain and is the fourth busiest one in the country. It serves Costa del Sol, efficiently connecting millions of passengers to that famous tourist spot in Spain. Passengers come here from more than 60 countries around the world. This airport handles an average of 12 million passengers annually. The airport is located 8 kilometers from the Malaga city centre, and is a major airport for Spanish tourism because as it is the main International airport that serves the Costa Del Sol. From there, it is but a 10-minute drive to Torremolinos, 15 minutes to Benalmadena, 20 minutes to Fuengirola, 25 minutes to Calahonda, 30 minutes to Marbella, 40 to Puerto Banus, and an hour’s drive away to Estepona.

With three terminals, the Malaga airport offers direct flights to North America, Middle East, and Africa. Its schedule is very hectic during the summer months, because that’s the time when tourists fly to this part of Spain to enjoy a beach vacation. This public airport is owned and operated by Aena. There’s a train serving the airport too, although it stops at Fuengirola. So if you need to go further than that, you might have to take the bus or the taxi instead. Car hire facilities are available at the airport.

Malaga airport is also complete with important facilities such as Wi-Fi connection, ATM machines, lost luggage area, information points, internet access terminals, vending machines, medical care, currency exchange, and a few others more. Clearly, this first class airport certainly knows how to make its passengers comfortable.The flights to Malaga mostly originate from the UK, with London and Manchester the top two cities where passengers come from. Dublin and Paris are ranked next. The carrier with the most flights to this airport is Ryanair, followed by EasyJet, and then Vueling. To transfer from one terminal to another, there are transportation hubs outside the terminals.

Malaga Airport is one of the oldest airports in the country, being founded in 1919. But since its renovation, it had sported an attractive, modern look. Cultural tours are also accepted here, which is usually composed of school children. This airport is indeed rich in culture and history, thus making it one of the most notable flight hubs in the world. The city of Malaga is located on the Costa Del Sol, and is one of the largest coastal cities in the Southern part of Spain. Malaga is in an ideal location for access from the Mediterranean sea. The tourist industry is the main business in Malaga, together with Agriculture. The average temperatures are around 26 degrees, which makes it an ideal place for growing fruit, such as lemons. Malaga is also a very important location for the textile industry.



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