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Most tourists travel to Spain to see the beautiful coasts of the country. And Alicante is where you can find one of Spain’s most beautiful coastlines. This city touches the Mediterranean Sea and was once a very famous port area. But now, Alicante has transformed into something different – the one that allowed it the title of being a major tourist destination in Europe. Alicante is served by its own airport, which is named after the city. Alicante Airport is just one of the many airports of Spain and it ranked sixth in terms of passenger count. Anyone who wants to go to the region of Valencia should use this airport to get to their ultimate destination.

Alicante Airport Information:

The airport has two terminals and serves both international and domestic flights. The major cities it caters to are London, Manchester, Oslo, and Liverpool. For local flights, the common destinations are the ones going to Madrid, Barcelona, and Palma de Mallorca. From the airport, you can always take the bus to reach your hotel. And after you’re all fine and settled, it’s time for you to follow your itinerary and see the most popular tourist spots in the city. But while you may be engrossed with the palm tree-lined boulevards and the busy shopping streets, you might also want to add Tabarca Island in your list of places to go. The paradise-like experience that you’ll have there is more than what you expected. On the other hand, if you’re interested to see the country’s archeological sites and ruins, the Tossal de Manises is where you should be. If you want to see some restored architectural wonders, just drive over to the Monjas-Santa Faz Square or the Luceros Square. There’s also a magnificent castle in Alicante and it’s called Santa Barbara. You’ll find it nestled on top of Mount Benacantil.

There are also a lot of churches in the area, as Spain is predominantly a Catholic country. Visit the Basilica of Santa Maria, the Co-cathedral of St. Nicholas, and the Monastery of Santa Faz. All of them are beautiful structures that every tourist should check out. But of course, you have never really experienced Spain unless you have joined one of its many festivals. Don’t worry, there’s almost always a feast worth celebrating in this country. In Alicante, the major ones are the Bonfires of St John and Moros i Cristians. However, if your visit doesn’t fall in time with any of them, simply join the lively nightlife scene happening all evenings of the year at St John’s Beach.